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Pensacola Beach Fishing Charters Winter Pattern

For those who don't know, the fishing charters in Pensacola Beach during the winter are actually just as good as the summertime fishing. The only difference is the type of fish and the way we fish for them. When we start seeing lower temperatures that means one thing for the fishing in Pensacola, Slow it down! The lower water temperatures will make just about any fish that we catch in our local bays more lethargic. These colder waters will make a fish conserve his energy to keep himself warm so they will likely use little energy to feed unless it is a life or death situation. When on one of our Pensacola fishing charters in the winter we will likely start off trying to catch redfish. These fish are staged up on just about any structure you can find in Pensacola Bay. Using live or artificial bait present the bait as though it would be drifting with the current going in to whatever structure you may be fishing. These redfish hold on ambush points and that is where the current will most likely drift your bait. Using a small weight will help get down to them while not taking away the natural drift presentation. Another type of fish we may try to target on one of our fishing charters are trout. Speckled or white trout stage in deeper water and around structure as well. I prefer to use artificial for these fish but they are willing to take a live bait as well. White trout prefer cut bait as well. White trout a usually found in big schools and if you catch one you're likely to catch at least a enough for a good meal. Offshore we can expect a lot of the same as we do in the summer minus the pelagics. On a Pensacola beach deep sea fishing charter we look for vermilion snapper as far as what we can keep. We also catch quite a few amberjack, big red snapper, and possibly a grouper. Depending on what month and what year some of these will need to be thrown back as they have a regulated season in Florida. The vermilion snapper can be had on near shore wrecks using squid, cut bait, and if you can find it live bait as well. Amberjacks and other large game fish can be had using big live bait fish such as grunts. The fishing charters in Pensacola Beach during the winter season are as good as it gets. With plenty of trophy game fish and also a lot of fish for the cooler still around it is still a great time to fish! Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays from Strickly Fishing Charters!!!

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