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Pensacola Fishing Report 04/02/19

The fishing charters in Pensacola have continued to produce some very quality catches the past week. We mainly stayed inshore and fished for sheepshead. The sheepehead bite was at some points tough but we managed to make it happen! We were mainly using Carolina Rigged live shrimp and depending on depth and current we used the lightest weight we could get away with. We fished mainly deeper rocks in the 60-70 foot depth range and used on average a 2 ounce lead. Size 4 hook was the most successful and 20 lb leader was the best choice. If fishing the shallower rocks I thinnned it down to 12 lb flurocarbon as the water has been very clear this Spring. When we did get offshore managed to find quite a few triggerifsh and Vermilion Snappers, as well as some large red snapper and amberjack we caught and released. I am hoping with the cold fronts still coming through that the migrating fish are stacking up and it will be a flood of fish like king and spanish mackerel that will make their way here in the next week or so. Be sure to check out our rates and packages page for any other information you may need about booking a fishing charter with us!

Thanks for reading and hope to see yall out there!

Captain Zack Strickland

Strickly Fishing Charters

Nice Mess of Sheepshead!

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