Pensacola Fishing Report 08/30/2020

The Fishing has continued to produce a lot of good catches here the past couple weeks. We are seeing a lot of vermilion snapper, white snapper, some lane snappers, and the occasional mangrove snapper on the bottom fishing side of things. We are also seeing a few amberjacks and the occasional king mackerel. On the inshore side we are seeing a lot of spanish mackerel and the occasional red fish and a few mangrove snapper. Recently we were just told that triggerfish season will kick off tomorrow September 1st and run through October 25th. We also had some big news and got our federal permits. This will allow us to go past the 9 mile range and try and target other fish that are hard to catch in state waters like grouper and even some real deep fish like tilefish. These next couple months are some of my favorite months to fish so call now to get in on the action! Thanks and tight lines!

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The fishing has continued to produce some awesome catches the past few weeks. Redfish have made their way in to the Bay and we are seeing some slot size fish as well as some of the big schools of bull