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Pensacola Fishing Report 12/01/18-12/05/18

The fishing has been much of the same here lately in Pensacola. Lots of big red fish and lots of trout on the inshore fishing. Redfish are not really on top anymore as they once were and we are now focusing on catching them with natural baits on Carolina rigs. We are catching a lot of "slot" redfish as well which are a keeper fish between 18 and 27 inches. Offshore we are still seeing a lot if vermillion snappers when the weather allows us to get out there. Same type of bait tactics with squid and cut bait and fishing high in the water column helps at times as well. As far as a forecast for Pensacola fishing, I assume we will still be seeing quite a few redfish and trout in this winter pattern. If the weather allows now is a great time to wet a line!

Thanks for reading and hope y 'all stay safe

Captain Zack Strickland

Strickly Fishing Charters

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