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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Should I wear?

 A: For shoes you should wear a light breathable shoe. Please no black soled shoes that will leave            marks in the boat.

 A: For Summertime comfort and breathability are key.

 A: For Wintertime you will want to dress accordingly with the weather. Layers may be needed and          possibly wind breaking material will also be needed. For the really cold days gloves may be a            good idea along with something to protect your ears. 


Q: Can I Keep What I Catch?

 A: Yes. If the law and regulations allow, you can keep whatever fish you catch. Catch and release is          fine as well.  Fish cleaning and filleting will be provided once we get back to the dock.

 Q: What should I bring?

 A: You will want to bring drinks and snacks if you wish. The boat will have a cooler with ice for all              your drink and snack needs. We will take pictures for you and have them sent to your email but          feel free to bring your own camera. We do have storage areas on the boat to keep personal                belongings safe. Sun screen is a good idea to bring as well.


 Q: What All Is Included In The Charter? 

A: Fishing tackle, fishing license, ice, and bait are all included in the price for the trip. Tip (Gratuity)         is not included. If you wish to bring your own tackle you can do that as well. Please let us know           beforehand so we can bring what tackle will be needed.

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